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Grants aren’t the only way to help community organizations. Our Program Related Investment program – the first of its kind in Wisconsin – is another way Bader Philanthropies supports groups working to make our communities better for everyone.


We consider PRI requests on a limited basis, depending on a number of factors.
We look for:

  • Strong ties to existing Foundation initiatives and strategies in Wisconsin.
  • The capacity to attract other financing to the deal.

It is critical for applicants to demonstrate that a deal is unlikely to happen through mainstream funding sources, to the point where a deal may not happen at all without our investment.



The Foundation does not consider PRI requests that do not align with our Wisconsin program areas, nor do we seek requests where mainstream funding sources are readily available.

Learn more about our PRI Application Process

step one

Log into Bader Philanthropies Online Portal to submit your request.

step two

If your request to apply for a PRI is granted, you will be asked by a representative from Bader Philanthropies to complete a Full Proposal.

step three

Once we receive the Full Proposal, our staff and board will review your request. You can expect to hear about your request status within 3-4 months. Correspondence is sent by email, so please add to your Approved Senders list to ensure you receive these important updates.

PRI Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit my Preliminary Application?
The Preliminary Application can be submitted at any time. Application deadlines are established twice per year to correspond to meetings of the Foundation's Board of Directors. The next deadline is December 9, 2015.

I've already started a Preliminary Application. Where do I complete it?
Log in through the Online Portal to complete and submit your request.

I'm a fundraising consultant. Can I apply on behalf of a client?
We welcome applications submitted by consultants, but recommend that the online account be created under the email of the organization's executive director (or other key staff).

How soon will I hear about my status?
Correspondence is sent by email, so please add to your Approved Senders list. All applications are reviewed as a group by our staff, and in approximately two weeks, we will send an email regarding the progress of your request


Proceed to the PRI Pre-Qualification Form

Please note that all new applications for Program Related Investments must be first solicited by Bader Philanthropies staff.

Bader Philanthropies makes Program Related Investments (PRIs) through loans, loan guarantees, credit enhancements and equity investments to support for-profit and nonprofit efforts furthering the Foundation’s charitable mission.

If you are interested in making a PRI request, please fill out the form below. An access password will be provided after review if you are invited to submit an application.

Learn more about the PRI application process and FAQs

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